functions of management:

The article I read discussed the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The control function is a critical component of the four and covers areas such as performance evaluation, corrective action, goal setting, and decision making (Lloyd & Aho, 2020). Control helps to detect and correct problems as they arise and ensures that a company is able to meet its goals. I learned that the control function is essential for any successful organization. It enables managers to ensure that all activities are properly executed, that goals are met, and that the company’s resources are used efficiently and effectively. Additionally, I learned that there are three types of control: feed-forward, concurrent and feedback control. Feed-forward control allows a manager to anticipate and monitor future needs, while concurrent control looks at current issues and adjustments, and feedback control reviews past results and compares them to goals.

In my personal life, I would use control to keep track of my daily tasks, set and achieve short-term goals, and stay organized. For instance, I might create a daily or weekly checklist of items that need to be completed, use long-term goals to guide my decisions, and use feedback control to review how I am doing relative to those goals. This would help me stay motivated and on track with my personal growth and development.

I would also use control in my professional life to ensure that I am staying organized, meeting deadlines, and following through on commitments. For instance, I might use feed-forward control to plan ahead and anticipate potential challenges, use concurrent control to track progress and adjust plans accordingly, and use feedback control to measure my performance and ensure that I am staying on track. All these measures would help me to stay focused and productive, ensuring that I am achieving my career goals.


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