Factsheet part 1


  • Questioning (check the attachment)
  • Include strategies in bullet points
  • Contain strategies to help educators
  • Reference


Experience plan Part 2  250 words only


Give one experience/activity for the Babies 0-2 years old only

(Check the attached template for this) just continue, fix it and do research (early Childhood settings only)


  • Focus on:
  • Activity that encourage cognitive development
  • Encouraging the children Higher order thinking skills
  • Using the teaching strategies, use particular questioning (give some sample open ended question during nappy change in an infant.
  • Encouraging learning disposition
  • Sustained shared thinking ( how you encourage children to problem solve)
  • Experience and put the goal
  • Explains…….?
  • Rational based on neuro scientific research
  • You need to have
  • Important learning outcomes
  • 4 outcomes ( Early Years Learning Framework ) I will attach the copy
  • Also include development priorities link to the experience plan ( nappy change )
  1. higher order thinking
  2. Executive function
  3. Self regulation
  • Put the sample questions





I will attached some work samples from my colleague for you to have an idea.


















3 – 5 years old





HOT – cognitive physical








Teaching Strategies





Give one experience/activity for the Babies 0-2 years old that encourage cognitive development
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