Note: This is a three-part Assignment that is submitted over the course of 2 weeks. This week, you will submit Part 3. Additionally, you will continue using the same document for each submission (renaming it each time you submit). In this week’s submission, you will re-include what you originally submitted for Parts 1 and 2, and you will complete Part 3.

Last week, you constructed the first two sections of a business solutions design document in your role as a consultant who was brought in to help a company facing the effects of a global crisis.

This week, you will complete the third section of the design document, referencing the same company you used for your Week 7 Assignment. Additionally, continue to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • You will engage in aspects of the design thinking process to complete this activity but will not be able to complete all parts of the process (including interviewing stakeholders and prototyping the solutions). You may want to review any resources you have already read on design thinking and consider how you would conduct this process if you were an actual consultant for this chosen company.

With those thoughts in mind, construct the final section of your business solutions design, being sure to incorporate appropriate examples, where applicable, as well as citations for relevant academic resources from the classroom, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate scholarly sources to support your work.


Submit Part 3 of your evaluation of harnessing creativity and innovation to meet business needs, in which you address the following in a 3- to 4-page business solutions design document:

Part 3: Bringing It Together

  • Based on the identified needs and the details provided about the company’s problem, brainstorm at least six to eight possible solutions to the problem. Remember that the point of brainstorming is to generate new and creative ideas. Do not spend your time evaluating the ideas or determining their feasibility in terms of costs, resources, time constraints, etc. You will do that next. Simply record the results of your brainstorming session as a section of your design document.
  • After generating your list of ideas, identify the two you feel are most appropriate for the company given its current situation. For each of the potential solutions, do the following:
    • Justify your selection of the solution and include specific details that demonstrate how you believe this solution will help the company change its business to address the problem.
    • Identify the components of the solution, including innovations in process, technology, structure, or any other aspects of the business that will be part of the implementation.
    • Summarize what steps the company can take to increase the chances of smooth execution of the proposed change, including any considerations that need to be made around resources (time, money, personnel, acquisition of materials, technologies, etc.) and the implications for the different stakeholders (i.e., consider multiple perspectives).

Refer to the Week 8 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.

This module’s three-part Assignment (submitted in Weeks 7 and 8) has been identified as one that could be added to your MBA Portfolio to demonstrate to current or prospective employers the skills and knowledge you have attained in your MBA program. Once you have completed this multi-part Assignment and incorporated any feedback from your Instructor, you may choose to upload the final artifact to your MBA Portfolio. For more information about creating your MBA Portfolio, please refer to the Career Services section of your MBA Success PlannerLinks to an external site..

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