Have their own version of Facebook called VKontakte.


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Country report


· Population: approximately 145 million people

· Ethnic groups: Russian majority (77%) other ethnic groups (23%)

· Languages: Russian and English

· Religion: dominant religion is Russian orthodoxy

· Life expectancy: 72 years for men and 77 years for women

· Literacy rate: about 99%


· GDP: around $1.47 trillion

· GDP per capita: approximately $12,194.78 USD

· Unemployment rate: average rate of 6.86%

· Major industries: natural resource, energy industry and iron ore

· Currency: Russian ruble

· Russia exports energy products, metals, agricultural products, chemicals, and military equipment’s.

· Russia majorly trades with European union, China, India, and USA

· Russia has skilled workforce and natural resources which attracts foreign investments.

· Russia has an ownership restriction which restricts the investors the control in Russian companies.



· Russia has a rich, diverse, and complex history of literature, music, cuisine.

· Russia is known for their deep history which is evolved over centuries.

· Patriotism is a big part of Russian culture. They take pride in their achievements and history.

· Education is highly valued in Russian society. The country has strong academic excellence and emphasis on knowledge and learning.

· Hospitality is also known one of the big parts in Russian culture. They offer food and drinks to strangers as a common tradition.

· Russians are deeply connected to their vast love of landscapes.


History of Russian Culture


Political/ legal:

· strict rules for investors regarding ownership in Russian companies.

· Strong relations with India, European union, and China


· GDP around $1.47 trillion, with per capita income of around $12,194.78 USD

· Major industries are natural resources and energy industry.

· Self-sufficient in mining natural sources.

· Unemployment rate is average 6.86%

· Strong sense of patriotism and loyalty towards their nation.

· High value placed on family and education.


· Strong attracting foreign investment.


· Known for their military power.

· Have their own version of Facebook called VKontakte.



choose a product or service that you might sell there. The choice of product will not be graded (there are no wrong options) so choose one that is interesting or easy to talk about for you.

Start your report with a sentence of the type “I want to sell (your product choice) in (country).” This is meant to keep you focused on information that is relevant for that product category. You will redo your old country report in light of your newly acquired knowledge about culture and your choice of product. This will mostly mean adding new information and using the right terms and concepts to discuss culture. It may require that you delete old information if you feel it doesn’t belong in your new country report.

Think the type of actionable, relevant information that a manager would want if they knew nothing at all about the country and tasked you with putting them up to speed. It should be a short (approx. 3-4 single-spaced pages) bullet-point report of facts, two or three visuals are acceptable if relevant.

This time you are expected to use your knowledge of international marketing, in particular the lessons in the recent modules, to craft the report. Make sure to update your PEST Analysis based on any changes or new information. At the end of the report, add an OT (Opportunities-Threats) table based on the updated PEST. The submission must also include references, cited at the end of the write-up.

The challenge of this assignment is in summarizing an entire human community and reducing it to a considerably short list of sentences, numbers and visuals. You will be graded on how well you summarize a culture through a sound and validated set of dimensions such as the ones learned in this course.


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