Health as a Primary Care

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Luz Gomez

10/24/23  4:56 PM

How will your service address a health care need for a marginalized population, and how will they have access to this service?

It is not surprising that the United States became known as The Melting Pot. The U.S. opened its borders to all people seeking a better life. Today we see a multitude of languages, religious beliefs, cultures and customs struggling for that better life. No matter how much of an American you are, the differences find a way to separate people back to their origins. Today we complicate this more by adding social and financial status to drive wedges between us.

Health care deals with these indifferences every day. I work in a community where the majority of people are elderly and in poverty or near poverty. Not all Americans receive the same healthcare benefits. There is a health care service offered to people on Medicare. Oak Street Health is a Primary Care Clinic which offers special care for elderly patients. They organize a community room for patients to gather. There is free assistance with insulin injections, glucometer readings, weight control support groups and just a place to get together.

I believe the services offered by Oak Street Health should be offered to all patients in my facility. Not just the elderly or Medicare patients, but all patients who need assistance. Our state offers special ride services for people with transportation issues by The Department of Transportation upon request. There is also a group of retired people who keep active by volunteering for projects just like this. This is not only a worthy cause, but also a place where social indifference does not exist.


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