History of Environmental Bioethics

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read

A Brief History of Environmental Bioethics | Journal of Ethics | American Medical Association (ama-assn.org)

Patient Care – neglect, disrespectful behaviors, lack of cultural competence, failure to recognize or support patient autonomy, biased care provisions, withholding pain management measures, causing patient harm through intentional or unintentional actions, etcetera.


Financial – fraudulent billing practices, dropping insurers due to low reimbursements or extended repayment periods, financial kickbacks from pharmaceutical or assistive devices manufacturers, prescribing or withholding treatments to meet an organization’s budget.


· Create a brief example illustrating unethical behavior as it relates to your assigned topic. The example can be either a fictitious scenario or based on a real-world event.

· Discuss the steps you would take if you witnessed the unethical behavior discussed above in your workplace.

· Explain the steps you would take if you were asked to participate in the unethical practice addressed above.

· Describe how an organization’s strategic plan can address unethical behaviors as it relates to your assigned topic.

Your initial post must be at least 250 words and must use a minimum of two credible sources to support your discussion content.


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