How can you relate to the skills, resources, and motivational factors your peer discussed?

For your response posts, address the following:

1. How can you relate to the skills, resources, and motivational factors your peer discussed?

2. Explain one of your strategies that may be helpful to a fellow student.

Remember, this assignment is graded on the quality of your initial post and at least two response posts to your classmates.


Peer 1: Zee Rivera

Hello everybody!

I’ve learned that the value of time management and goal setting are important for your

future success because it allows you to construct an effective plan where you can develop

stability in your school and personal life. Managing your schedule to where you have

time to complete your academics and enjoy the outside world is a great method to help

you stay organized and maintain your motivation on your desired objectives. It’s not

easy at times since it’s inevitable for things to occur and mess up our plans but it helps

us stay committed to what we want to achieve and keep our eyes on the prize. These

behaviors will definitely be a helping hand for me and my future because I have so many

things I want to attain and I’ll be able to make my visions a reality in the end.

You can apply these skills, resources, and motivational factors from this course to your

everyday life honestly. You’re always going to find a way to juggle time with jobs, kids,

personal life, etc. but as long as you create a time planner of some sort then it can get

your head on the right path and relieve some stress off your shoulders. Distractions can

become a huge factor as well but once you start to get the hang of learning how to split

your time onto things that are more important than others then you’re going to be

perfectly fine and your hard work is going to take you places.

With all that being said, Thank you so much Professor Thayer and fellow peers! It was a

delight to interact with you guys and I wish you all the best on your academic journey.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂




Peer 2 : Kat Lapolt I have learned that time management and goal setting will play a bigger part in my academic success than I had originally thought when I started this course. These behaviors will help me succeed by helping me stay motivated and on track.

These skills will help me in a future course that may have a lot of assignments. or a course that I might not like taking that much.

Some thing I struggled with in this course was goal setting. I have never been all to great at creating goals for myself I feel the skills we learned in this course will help me a lot with this in the future.


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