I felt after reading the information about different forms of discrimination, that it should cover everyone but after looking through some of the frequently asked questions, that is not the case. The initial question that I clicked on was in regards to what employees are covered by the EEOC but from there I saw an even more interesting question. How many employees must a company have in order to file a charge? I was shocked by the answer; apparently not everyone is protected or can file a charge. In order to file a charge, a company must have 15 or more employees that have worked for a minimum of twenty calendar weeks, whether this year or last. If you are being discriminated on for age, that answer changes to the company having to have 20 or more employees working in that same time frame. It does allow part-time employees to be calculated as full-time employees for calculation purposes but still that does not seem fair. There was a statement that regardless, the Equal Pay Act makes it illegal to pay men and women different wages when performing equal work.


Placing a numerically figure on the number of employees in order to allow them to file charges does not seem fair. While I was satisfied with the answer provided by the EEOC, I do not agree with that. The first exampled that came to mind was a mechanic business which generally only have 6 to 10 employees. None of them would be able to file a charge. Perhaps an older employee that has been there an extremely long time is not being sent the work that the younger guys receive, therefor losing pay. He has no way to fight that? That does not seem okay to me.

How many employees must a company have in order to file a charge
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