Discussion week 7

1) How would you deal with a difficult prosecutor?

A law enforcement investigator must understand that the prosecutor is an extension of the government. They reserve high levels of discretionary power in the decision-making process such as which charges to pursue, sentence recommendations and plea arrangements. They prosecutor must also balance which cases are likely to match convicts the more serious crimes and keep the case load balanced and may take certain cases for political gain into a higher political seat such as a legislature or governor seat in the future. if the prosecutor decides not to prosecute a certain case, the investigator should not take it as a personal attack of the prosecutor being difficult. she may have a very high case load and rather prosecute a case involving a major crime or a not want to occupy a jury trial for a crime that has limited evidence or merit.

2) how would you deal with a supervisor who was reluctant to give you the resources necessary to complete your investigation?

Supervisors are given a high degree decision making discretion, guided by laws, rules, regulations and procedures. They are also allocators of the resources. Implementation of community policing often distances the supervisors from the knowledge of crimes caseloads. Investigators must become creative to develop solutions to complete investigations such as accessing the National institute of Justice Technical working group on crime scene investigations (TWGCSI) to assist investigators when resources to look at evidence is needed to help solve cases.

How would you deal with a supervisor who was reluctant to give you the resources necessary to complete your investigation
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