Purpose of assessment task The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate and rationalise how they identify normal physiological processes and critically analyse abnormal deviations in the patient’s health status and how they assess and manage complex and/or unstable health care needs and act to prevent and/or diagnose urgent or life threatening problems. Further, this assignment requires students to draw on advanced levels of knowledge related to physiology and pathophysiology with relevance to their specific scope of practice and clinical domain. Assignment question Think of a patient for whom you have cared for recently (please choose a different patient to Assignment 1). Develop a short patient profile (approximately 500 words) detailing their age, gender, diagnosis / complaint, and relevant health history. Select ONE of the following events that occur for your patient: • Your patient reports that they have central chest pain and is feeling dizzy. • Your patient reports they feel short of breath, you note moderate increase in the use of accessory muscles of ventilation • Your patient reports that they feel itchy following administration of a medication. You note they have a generalised red rash. • Your patient has a fall and is now reporting a painful left hip. • Your patient reports right arm weakness and you note they have a facial droop and slurred speech. • Your patient is confused and exhibiting odd behaviour Following selection of ONE event patient, imagine you are responsible for leading their care of this patient for the next 20 minutes within your scope of practice (specialist practice, advanced practice or nurse practitioner student). Critically appraise your approach to clinical assessment and management of this patient for that 20-30 minute period including: • history: what are important elements of the patient’s history for you to understand and why are they important to this clinical context? • assessment: what is your immediate approach to assessment of this patient? What parameters will you assess, in what order and why? • management: what is your immediate management of this patient? Provide the rationale for each management strategy • handover: who will you expect to take over the care of this patient? What information is important for you to pass on and why?

Identify normal physiological processes and critically analyse abnormal deviations in the patient’s health status
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