Hello, You wrote my first 4 pages of my research paper. Thank you for that. It was very good. My professor just wanted me to make minor adjustments about the studies you mentioned in the paper. Can you please look at the attached paper from my professor and see if you know what to put for the remarks she said. I also need to add 6 more pages of research about the same topic. I just need new articles. The rubric is pasted down below. I will also attach it to the order. Thank you very much. Introduction: • Background of the PICO clinical question • Why the PICO clinical question exists • Why they choose to ask this specific question • Identified its relevance to the nursing practice. Include theory or conceptual framework: MY FRAMEWORK IS THE LYDIA HALL THEORY Literature Review discusses a major theory/framework about LYDIA HALL THEORY in-depth, thorough discussion on a major theory/framework (LYDIA HALL THEORY) as a basis for their review that included a critical examination of the theory/framework that moved well beyond recitation of facts. Literature Review Paragraph Search methods: • Databases searched • Search terms used • Year range of articles • Inclusion and exclusion criteria for articles selected for the review • Identified the type of research studies included in the review • Used only research studies Body of Evidence Paragprahs • Developed subheadings that reflect the main concepts identified in the review • Discussion of the main points and findings from the research studies • Identified the level of evidence for each study • Minimum of 8 articles, 5 must be nursing research Literature Review Matrix: Student included the literature review matrix with accurate information for the articles used in their paper as an appendix. Minimum of 8 articles, 5 must be nursing research Discussion Paragraphs: • Exhaustive list and explanation of practice options are offered based on the studies reviewed • Identify gaps in the literature • How does what you found support or not support the theory that you used for a basis for this review Conclusion Paragraph: • Based on the original clinical question: o Identify recommendations for practice o Identify recommendations for future research

Identify the relevance of PICO clinical question to the nursing practice
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