Information Security

IPM 652 – fall 2023  Managing with Analytics

Assignment 3. Information Security




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· This assignment is partially based on the two info security cases due on class 6 (available in the CP)

· Having read the cases carefully, please fill out the tables below.

· For both the questions and the mini essay, make sure to adhere to the text length restrictions noted in red (points reduction). Please be advised that changing the font size, page margins, or the like is not permitted.


Submission instructions:

· File name: “[YourLastName]-[YourFirstName]_[Section#] ASS3.doc” (or .pdf)

· Submission: Blackboard (before class)

*** This is an individual assignment ***


Evaluation grid:


Category Points
Question 1 / 30
Question 2 / 30
Mini essay / 40
TOTAL: / 100




QUESTION 1 (a/b) – On digital traces

In reference to the case “Building a ‘backdoor’ to the iPhone: an ethical dilemma”: The case discusses reasons why the FBI wanted to examine the data stored in the terrorists’ iPhones. They refer to digital traces (even if they don’t use this term, which you can easily Google). (A) From a computer forensics standpoint, provide two examples of digital traces stored in the terrorists’ device (iPhone) that could be relevant to the then ongoing investigation. (B) What are other everyday use devices with the ability to store (and potentially share with third party) digital traces? Please list and briefly discuss at least two. [30 points] Note: In total, your answer should not exceed 15 lines. Please write one para per answer.


QUESTION 2 – On use of technologies that deviate from the purpose they were designed for

In reference to the case “A $10 million question and other cybersecurity-related ethical dilemmas amide the COVID-19 pandemic”: Identify non healt-related positive and negative uses of analytics capabilities applied to data collected with digital contact tracing apps (one positive and one negative is enough). [30 points] Note: In total, your answer should not exceed 15 lines. Please write one para per answer.





The security of an iPhone can compromise federal investigations (individual privacy vs. preventing future terrorist attacks). The security/privacy of health data collected via contact-tracing apps can prevent governments from fully exploiting these apps’ capability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In the first example (iPhone) the choice is in the hands of private companies (Apple) while in the second case the choice is in the hand of the general public (adoption (or not) of contact-tracing apps). Nevertheless, an important tradeoff emerges between individual security and privacy on the one hand, and societal “good” on the one hand. Please critically expand on this tradeoff, providing other examples (at least one) of analytics technologies/applications where individual and societal values may conflict and propose a potential (general) approach to deal with such tradeoff. Note: In total, your answer should not exceed one page (excluded references). Please use footnotes for references. The 1-page limit includes footnotes (if any) but excludes the question, so please simply start your answer on the next page. [40 points]









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