In 1977, Shigeru Miyamoto started working for a toy and playing card company in Kyoto, Japan. He was fresh out of design school and the company was looking to get into the video game space. That company, Nintendo, and its popular franchises (such as Super Mario Brothers) would soon become a household name and continue to remain that way for over 35 years and counting. One of the key factors to the company’s success is its drive to continually innovate, much of which can be contributed to Miyamoto’s creations, leadership, and vision. Without his contributions, it is quite possible the multi-billion-dollar industry of video games could have evolved much differently.

In this Discussion, you will explore how a business could benefit from an innovative solution, as well as develop that solution and consider challenges it might bring.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Identify a problematic business process or practice that could benefit from an innovative solution. Try to think of something that is often inefficient, poorly managed, creates confusion, and so on.
  • Consider how you might implement innovative solutions to address this need.



Post a synthesis of the problematic business process or practice and your proposed innovative solution(s). Specifically:

  • Briefly describe the business process or practice you selected and explain why you think it might benefit from an innovative solution.
  • Using an innovative mindset, devise one or more possible solutions to the problem. For each solution, identify any potential challenges or benefits related to implementation.

Refer to the Week 2 Discussion Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.

Read some of your colleagues’ postings.


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