Innovation Product Management


First, read the new innovation product information and stage-gate process, and how the stage-gate process used in the new innovation product.


Then, write 2 pages word document for following question:

Based on the new innovation product and the stage gate process been considered.

Discuss how to source your project and what customers should be engaged when developing the product. Additionally, discuss the strategic network and alliances that must be considered for this project.

Must read the following course material before writing the 2 pages word document.

· Chapters 4 & 5 in Dekkers, R. (2018). Innovation management and new product development for engineers, volume 1: Basic concepts (pg. 119-176)




MUST be formatted in APA Style 7th edition.

MUST follow the written assignment rubric.

MUST provide 0% of AI detention and plagiarism report.


Create an excel document of potential suppliers that would be required for your new innovation project. There are three required columns: The supplier namewhat you’d utilize the supplier for, and a backup plan if there was an issue obtaining the product or service from this supplier.

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