Logistics Management


Do research on the Supply Chain Management System of Amazon and answer the five questions below in a paper. The paper should be 5 pages that include the cover sheet and the reference page.

1. Is Amazon a Supply Chain? (50pts)

2. What are Amazon’s transportation Objectives? (50pts)

3. How does Amazon’s system work? (50pts)

4. How many warehouses does Amazon have? (25pts)

5. Does Amazon own its Inventory? (25pts)

Learning Outcomes from Units 1 – 3

1. Define Supply Chain  (CLO1)

2. Describe the characteristics of an effective supply chain. (CLO1)

3. Analyze the issues involved in demand management, customer service, order fulfillment, order management and customer service. (CLO2)

4. Analyze the need for and costs of inventory, to include fixed order quantity, fixed order interval, and economic order quantity. (CLO 3)

5. Apply the economic order quantity (EOQ) model to manage inventory. (CLO 4)

6. Discuss the basic warehousing activities (CLO 5)


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