Please provide a response to these questions assigned with clear, well-formulated ideas, sentence structure, and grammar. Support your response with appropriate rationale and ideas from assigned readings. You are also welcome to include data and other evidence. Your response should be 300-400 words. In your response, personal experience, insight, observation, opinions, and theories are encouraged, provided you can support personal views with valid evidence and rationale.


1. What news about the stock market have you read recently? Provide your observations about the recent stock market movement.


2. Have you ever considered buying shares in a company? If so, how often do you think it’s necessary for investors to check how companies are doing?


3. “Ethical investing” refers to the practice of only investing in companies which you consider to be ethical. For instance, you would invest in a company which is involved in producing clean energy, but you would not invest in a tobacco company. What do you think about investing in this manner?


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