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I would like tomorrow business Zeke’s Souls & Tunes is advertising a new release that hits the streets on September 12th. It will be airing on our website, iHeartRadio and TikTok. Ad campaign cost will be at least $500 and the video Resolution for the ad will be 1080 by 1920 pixels on that will be ran for a two week span on TikTok and on iHeartRadio minimum is low as $250 and will be ran at least three times a day. Street dates for my website will be September 12th through the 30th and for iHeartRadio and TikTok it will be ran through September 12th through the 25th. Having a plan and sticking to it until everything in finalized dates is the top tier. Having a deadline brings out the creative because of the set date you have to be done with it, the motivation to complete, having a controlled thought process and overall making a set goal for the task. Making sure everything is fine with what you are advising it own, having your ads the right sizes, the money, make sure your colors are the same as it was made and the set dates together in a file ready. These outlets were chosen because of the popular and being the most used in this generation today. I went with what is trending in my around me and my community. I search up the ads that these media uses and went with the one that would be beneficial with my business.


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