Mental health -Module 08 D – Schizophrenia Case Study

Mental health -Module 08 D – Schizophrenia Case Study



Watch the following video featuring an interview between a mental health clinician and Chase, a college student who is having a psychotic episode. Click the link below to watch the video

Chase, Core Video: Schizophrenia Part I, Psychotic Episode


Address the following.

Identify the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia of the active psychotic state Chase is experiencing. (One page)


· During the interview, how do you believe the interviewer handled the conversation? One page


· How would you feel interacting with this client? One page


Provide an additional example from the video


Including a rationale for your response.




· Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)

· Logical, original and insightful


· Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format


· APA format and in-text citation

· 3 References


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