A​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‍​ttached three files that contain the examiners feedback to work on and ensure all bits and pieces addressed to the dot; I. (0) 0-JOINT Report Feedback by the Two Examiners – Final II. (0) 1-Dr Shambanga Feedback – Final III. (0) 2-Dr Khombeshan Feedback – Final Further, the two examiners asking to write more about “Omani” context, so attaching list of 27 documents for you to read through which you can use to support your writing, if you feel that they are not appropriate and you need to dig more in the literature review, please do so. The list of the 27 docs file names are shown in the image below: The examiners, also, emphasized on elaborating/ giving details on the “Research Ethics”, hence, below, is the detailed information on the way I conducted the research, in my own words which you need to re-write and add-on. I hope that this will help to address their comments, especially when it comes to the obtained consent from the university to conduct this research. Feel free to ask about further details, if this is still not addressing the requirement. [I approached the research unit at LC who are entitled of giving masters and PhD researchers consent to be able to conduct their data collection in the foundation program at LC. After receiving the consent I started approaching the teachers to allow the questionnaire distribution in their classes. Two classes were chose as a pilot class to determine the time needed to answer the questionnaire questions also to check if there is ambiguous items in the questionnaire so the researcher can fix before the real data collection starts. Those to classes were excluded later. The teachers informed their students of the purpose of the study and their liberty to do the questionnaire or withdraw. The researcher was also present on the day of distributing the questionnaire to be able to answer any query. All classes started doing the test in the last 20 minutes of their classes as agreed with the teachers. Some teachers preferred to give the researcher the answered questionnaires immediately after they finished. Others agreed to put them in the teachers mailbox. After getting done with the questionnaire. The teacher started approaching the teachers for the interviews. Only teachers who are on full schedule were allowed to participate because the interview questions are about materials used to teach level three students including commercial and in-house materials and the three types of Moodles. So those teachers who were not on full schedule were excluded. The teachers were informed of their freedom to take part or withdraw if they decide not to participate. They were also informed of the confidentiality of their responses and they are going to be used for the research purpose only. And the recordings will be destroyed immediately after the research is completed. The teachers were given the interview questions in advance as a hard copy to be able to answer the questions in detail and give sufficient answers to the questions and to be able to enquire about any ambiguous items before starting the interviews. The teachers were told that the interviews should take 30 minutes. And the teachers ​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‍​were asked to chose the time and place they believe is convenient to them.] The examiners, also, requested adding more information about the LC and its English Language Foundation Programme. Thus, attaching, the two files: (1) Foundation Programme at LC.docx, and (2) FPEL Curriculum Document 2012-2013 FINAL.pdf Moreover, things to consider: (1) Although paid lots of money on this same topic over and over and you can refer to the previous few years orders (82046099, 81994564, 81982222, 81956652, 81893501, 81686008, 81580006, etc..), and even with Professional Editor and Top 10 writers in this field, still quality produced especially when it comes to grammar and language use are not up to par, as you are going to see in the Thesis files (I will be attaching the last one produced by your writer labelled << CONVENTIONAL OR ONLINE MATERIALS_(Submitted to Markers_Orignial_Done by UBE Writer).docx>> and another one with the corrections I’ve made upon reading through the comments given by the examiners in file labelled << CONVENTIONAL OR ONLINE MATERIALS_(TrackReveiwEnabled).docx & its pdf>>. In the later file, you will find some comments also I left them to you for further look at. Now, PLEASE, make sure that the work is of no comprising to quality and done to the best level addressing all instructions, comments and feedback given. (2) I’ve had bad experience receiving the work without proper references, please, make sure all references are complete and thoroughly checked. (3) All references have to be aligned to the British reference methodology, which many of the references have been marked for correction and some have been done. Please take this seriously, as can’t tolerate any mistake hereto. (4) I believe putting the order with 10 pages as to be charged for the work, should be sufficient to tackle issues and comments highlighted in these instructions. But, please, ensure word count is within the required limit of 50,000 (+/-10%) as of now the word count excluding the Content Pages, References and Appendices is around 53,800 approximately. Thus, please ensure the order duly completed according to the instructions and ensure all followed through with best professional and top writers and editors in this field. (5) Finally, this is to the support team, as I couldn’t remove my name (Fatick Hussain Al Balushi) from the comments I made in the word file << CONVENTIONAL OR ONLINE MATERIALS_(TrackReveiwEnabled).docx>>, please ensure that you change it in the “Contact Card Details” of the word version before you forward it to writers or put the order for writers to check it. THIS IS CRITICALLY REQUIRED. (6) Please ensure to keep the track change mode in << CONVENTIONAL OR ONLINE MATERIALS_(TrackReveiwEnabled).docx >> enabled as to see what the writers/editors will do to be able to revert back with comments and confirmation. https://ufile.io/1jybg These are the docs for The two examiners asking to write more about “Omani” context, so attaching list of 27 documents for you to read through which you can use to support your writing, if you feel that they are not appropriate and you need to dig more in the l​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‍​iterature review, please do so.

Omani context in the foundation program at LC
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