One 250 Word Answer

Search the organization’s name on the internet. Open the homepage of the organization. Select the links for the different pages, usually located at the top of the webpage or in the footer section at the bottom of the page. In addition, you can enter the organization’s name and the topic in the search box. For example, Cleveland Clinic Mission, Vision, and Values

· Shriners Hospitals for Children

In your initial post,

· Identify the organization and provide a URL to the Mission, Vision and Values page.

· Explain why the Mission, Vision, and Values are linked to the strategic plan.

· Briefly discuss two goals you would expect to find in the strategic plan for the chosen organization and include your rationale for the choices.

· Examine why it is important to include the marketing department in the strategic plan.

Your initial post must be at least 250 words and use a minimum of two credible sources to support your discussion content.

APA style

250 words


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