Organized Leadership

Managing Organizational Change


For the Module 4 SLP assignment, think about a significant organizational change that occurred in your workplace. Think carefully about the steps taken by management during the change process, and the organizational change processes and concepts that you read about in the background materials. Then write  at least a 2 full-page page paper and include 2 scholarly sources from the required and optional reading list addressing the following:

1. Describe the change that occurred in your workplace, and list the major steps or stages involved in this change, identifying the change model as Lewin’s three-step, Kotter’s eight-step, or the five-step approach of action research.

2. What stages were successful during this process, and which ones were problematic or handled poorly? Were the problematic or poorly handled ones seen as unethical?

3. What types of decisions had to be made by leaders? Did the decisions appear to be made in an ethical manner? What could they have done better?

4. Do you think the change process would have gone better if management used one of the other change models not used, Lewin’s three steps, Kotter’s eight steps, or the five-step approach of action research?


1. Your SLP should be at least 2-3 full-pages in length (not including title and reference pages). This means the submission must be at least 2 full pages. It must include an introduction below the paper’s title prior to the answer to the first assignment question and a Conclusion on the last page before the References list page. There should be nothing in the top left corner of the paper and only a page number in the top right corner of all pages.

2. Be sure to  cite and reference (using APA Style) a minimum of 2 scholarly peer-reviewed sources listed in the Course Materials and Bibliography (Module 4 Required and Optional Reading List), in the Module 4 Background Page: Required and Optional Readings, or in the Trident Online Library (peer-reviewed journal articles)..

3. Upload your paper to the SLP 4 Dropbox before the assignment due date.

4. Include both a reference page and in-text citations. Citation and reference style instructions are available at Trident University’s  Introduction to APA . Another resource is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is found under “My Resources” in the TLC portal, or the APA Manual (7th ed.).


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