Penal expansionism draws our attention to the social costs of imprisonment and the impacts of penal policy on soci oeconomically marginalised groups. Discuss with reference to First Nations Peoples’ experiences of containment

LST1PDC Research Essay - Instructions, Criteria and Questions 2023.pdfQUESTIONS


1.Processes of colonisation and globalisation have influenced the development and uses ofmodern containment around theworld. Discuss with reference toglobal practices ofimprisonmentorimmigration detention.

2.Modern containment has been used both historically and in a contemporary context to dealwith ‘social problems’ and remove ‘problem people’ from society.Discuss with reference tooneof the following:a.mental illness incarcerationb.juvenile detentionc.civilian internmentd.immigration detention

3.Penal expansionism draws our attention to the social costs of imprisonment and the impactsof penal policy on socioeconomically marginalised groups. Discuss with reference to FirstNations Peoples’ experiences of containment.

4.“Despite international efforts to develop a consensus on human rights and a legally bindingframework of principles and standards, many of the world’s prison systems fall far short oftheir treatment of prisoners” (Bennett, 2016, p. 328). Discusswith reference to imprisonmentorjuvenile detention.

5.What issues might a human rightsperspective raise when considering practices, conditionsand experiences of immigration detention in Australia?

6.Power and differences,such as those relating togender,sexuality,classand race,play asignificant role in practicesand experiences of containment.

Discuss with reference tooneofthe following:



c.mental illness incarceration

d.immigration detention


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