In your assignment, you will create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze the branding strategies that a nonprofit uses. You can use an organization with which you are personally familiar, or you can use a popular organization such as the American Red Cross, United Way, or The Salvation Army.

In your PowerPoint presentation and video recording,

1) Analyze the logo of the organization as a branding strategy.

2) Analyze the existence of a tag line as a branding strategy.

3) Analyze the use of the mission statement as a branding strategy.

4) Analyze the values of the organization as a branding strategy.

5) Discuss how well the organization has branded its products and services to attract donors to the organization.

6) Identify recommendations to change the branding and how a change will help differentiate and promote the nonprofit’s products and services.

Important Aspects of Your PowerPoint Presentation:

1) The presentation must be six to 10 double-spaced slides in length, not including the title slide and reference slide.

2) For each content slide, you must also add speaker notes to your slides. 

3) Your speaker notes should contain a minimum of 150 words outlining what you will say when you record your presentation.


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