Practical Application #1 [PA#1] Outline (Ethics):

Practical Application #1 [PA#1] Outline (Ethics):

1. You are to find an article, research or official document, that pertains to a report of an event, research, outcomes, etc., that is notably identified as an “unethical” article. It MUST be considered as unethical in reporting, findings, and/or how it was used or influenced research or outcomes. This article MUST be in APA Citation at the end of your submitted MS Word document. The article carries the following points in PA#1. 100 Points

2. Once you find the article, it should be read and some analysis considered as to what makes it unethical, illegal, or not suitable for public consumption. Once you have achieved a satisfactory analysis of your choosing, compile your findings in a 1-2 pages, 1.5 inch-spaced, MS-Word document which includes:

a. Running Head and Page number:
b. A section that identifies the assignment by Title of Assignment, your name, the semester, and any other identification you may want to add to the document:
c.  The body of the paper, which is the analysis of what makes your article “unethical” as it is applied or intended. NOTE: please make sure you address the article in terms of what’s wrong with the content in the terms of why it is unethical, illegal, or immoral. Do not just write that it was unethical, but why is it unethical to you, as a consumer reading it to assess it usefulness or non-usefulness in your research process. In other words, if you say to me, “I didn’t like and it is unethical!” Okay, why? What is your reasoning on this? What key elements make this article unethical or not-useable for research? Be specific, but limit this analysis to 1-2 pages, 1.5 inch-spacing;
d. Cite your article in APA at the end of the paper.


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