Your group has decided on a topic/area whereby you will clearly identify the organisation
and project deliverable. Make sure that the group decides on a specific organisation and
system, based on the project briefing. Groups should have 4-5 members, and allocation
of report segments is to be discussed with the lecturer.
You work for “843 Project Management Consulting” firm, a leader in all things related
to project consultancy. Your expertise is in project management, scoping a project in
terms of feasibility and providing an overview plan for board approval, negotiating with
vendors and managing implementations.
You have been hired by the Client to provide a preliminary Project Plan for an important
internal project. Client staff support the project and have secured Board approval for 843
Project Management Consulting to take the project to the next phase. (Prior
consultants have recommended the project, but not fully scoped the detail.)
NB. Each group will have support from a specific project sponsor. This champion
will assist you throughout the project development. More on this in class.
Your brief is to objectively assess the project and address the following issues in your
report to the Board:
Section Description
A. Executive Summarise the project background, benefits, additional research
Summary required, suggested process model and treatment of major risks.
Conclude with overall recommendation as to the project’s priority.
B. Context Background for the project
How does this project fit in to the context of the organisation?
C. Business Case Financial and/or strategic justification
Project success criteria.
How will the client know the project was successful?
How can the client ensure that the expected benefits are realised?
D Vendor Selection What additional studies are necessary?
e.g. Vendor selection, prototype to elicit detailed requirements with
users, proof of concept to confirm technology, tools or platform etc.
E. Risk Client wants to see ONLY ‘project specific’ risks. They are aware
Management Plan of the generic risks that affect virtually all projects.
Tables should include each major risk identifying the source, event,
consequence, probability, existing control(s) and initial risk rating.
Another table should include the risk treatment plan for each risk
with an unacceptable rating including the cost justification and
effectiveness (e.g. residual risk rating).
F. Conclusion In the Consultant’s opinion how does this project rate for the client?
Should the client focus on other opportunities that have a better
return on investment or a lower overall risk?
If this project is highly recommended, what are the key factors
which have persuaded the Consultant?
Submit your report as a pdf document. One group member should submit the
report in the Assignment Three submission tool in iLearn by Thursday 6:00
pm of Week 12.
Please note that this is a Turnitin assignment. Turnitin will report on
plagiarism however, it is sometimes very slow at returning a similarity
report. I will disregard any similarities with cover sheets or bibliographies.
The Presentation should also be submitted by the due date and time (as
a PowerPoint file) in a separate iLearn submission tool.
One group member should submit through the class web site at:
Each group will have 10 minutes as Consultants to present to the Board of the
Client organisation. Each student is to present the section for which he or she
was responsible. The lecturer will require a hard copy of the presentation.
Ensure that student responsibilities are clearly defined at the beginning of
the presentation. Upload a soft copy in the iLearn assignment submission tool.
5 minutes will be allowed for questions and discussion.
Consultants need to justify its substantial fee in providing this
overview project management plan.
After summarising the business case, the Client wants to hear your
recommendations on the benefits realisation strategy. How can benefits be
measured? How will the customer know the project has been successful from
a business perspective?
What are the major context specific risks? Can these risks be mitigated?
Are the treatment strategies cost effective?
How do the Consultants feel about this project? In your experience, how would
they rate the project in terms of priority for the Client? Do you recommend
against the project? Why?
The presentation will count 10% towards the overall assignment mark.
Element Excellent to Good Pass Incomplete
(100%) (50%) (25%)
Group Presentation ▪ Addresses all Addresses some of Addresses few of the
required elements the required required elements
in a clear and elements Presentation is either
concise manner Some confusion with confused or has a
▪ Emphasises the key regard to the key significant amount of
issues of benefits, issues of benefits, irrelevant material
process model and process model and
risks risks
Section Marks
A, B & F
Editorial Quality* 25%
C 25%
D 25%
E 25%
Total 100%
(10% of final mark)
*Editorial Quality refers to the quality of the look and feel of the written report and
PowerPoint presentation. Both should look professional in terms of consistency of
format and clarity of appearance.
Report should be concise. Marks will be deducted for excessively long reports, or if
section is covered too superficially. Any detailed analyses should be relegated to an
The group will receive a mark out of 20 for the report. This mark will be moderated by
the Peer Review Forms to account for individual contributions.
Presentations will receive a mark out of 10 and based on the individual’s presentation
and contribution per the components in the table above, i.e. A/E, B, C or D.

Preliminary Project Plan for an important internal project
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