price competitiveness

This week you are to select any type of  business such as a retail establishment, a high tech industry, restaurant, etc. Then identify the type of supplier (vendor)  your business would need.

For your discussion:

· Pick at least two suppliers (vendors) for your business.

· Evaluate which would be best for your business based upon their quality of the service or product, their on-time performance percentage, delivery track record, price competitiveness, vendor availability etc.

· Write up a 2 paragraph evaluation including which supplier was best and why you would select it over the other.



1. Post your answer to the discussion board by Thursday 8 pm.

· At least 250 words with at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference.

2. Read and review your classmate’s posts on the discussion board ( I will provide the posts on Thursday). Post two (2) peer responses by Sunday 8pm.

· Each response is at least 100 words.


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