Principles of Human Resource Management

3/4/24, 8:15 PM Case – MGT407 Principles of Human Resource Management (2024MAR04FT-1) 1/3

Module 1 – Case


Assignment Overview

From this Module’s Background readings, we learn that the strongest companies view employees as assets rather than liabilities. They do this in many ways, such as through professional development opportunities, benefits offered, pay scale adjustments, and employee engagement initiatives.

Managers also show their employees that they are assets by the way the employees are treated. If managers do not treat their employees as valued employees, employee satisfaction might decrease and negatively impact the organization’s success.

With that in mind, how does a company know it needs to adjust its culture to become a sustainable, compassionate employer in the 21st century? Smart management teams track metrics that indicate a company’s overall health, including its level of employee satisfaction. Unless steps are taken to improve employee satisfaction, however, metrics will be wasted and the opportunity for gain will be lost.

So, what types of metrics are important in HR and what are they useful for? To answer this question, please read the following articles regarding HR metrics:

Jessee, T. (n.d.). 48 HR KPIs & metric examples (and how to implement them). ClearPoint Strategy. scorecard-measures/ Standard right to access materials on ClearPoint Strategy site for noncommercial purposes.

Seven habits. (2019). 7 habits that are stalling your employee engagement program and how to fix




3/4/24, 8:15 PM Case – MGT407 Principles of Human Resource Management (2024MAR04FT-1) 2/3

them. Glint. 15-001_WP_P3.pdf Standard right to access materials on Glint Inc. site for noncommercial purposes.

Case Assignment

After reading the required background material, prepare an essay in which you identify five key performance metrics to measure employee satisfaction.

You should address the following questions about each of the five metrics you selected to measure employee engagement/satisfaction:

1. Discuss three reasons why employee engagement/satisfaction metrics might rise or fall.

2. What steps should a company take to improve employee engagement/satisfaction?

In addition to the Jessee (n.d.) and Seven Habits (2019) sources, utilize at least two additional Trident library sources to support your essay.

Your Case Assignment should be 3-4 pages. The page count does not include the cover page or reference list page. The title at the top of Page 2 should be the title you give your submission, not “Introduction,” although the first paragraph of a paper should always be an introduction. There is also a conclusion required at the end of this assignment that is a synopsis of your findings uncovered during the process of completing this assignment.

Submit the Case Assignment into the appropriate dropbox by the Module 1 due date.

Assignment Expectations

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:



3/4/24, 8:15 PM Case – MGT407 Principles of Human Resource Management (2024MAR04FT-1) 3/3

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