Production Line Simulation

This project will have you work together in groups to practice and demonstrate your leadership skills and team decision making in a 3 to 4-week production simulation during our regular class time that will involve daily team huddles, assigning resources, data collection, data monitoring, and data reporting on your production performance. (. Improvement methods that were discussed in class are expected to be applied to improve performance of your production line.The final week of this project will have each team present their results, findings, and interesting things learned throughout.

Project Details –
Outputs and successes include:

You must measure, record, and report out upon the following KPIs:

1. Throughput (units/min)

2. First Time Yield (FTY)

3. WIP (units in process)

4. Productivity (min/unit)

5. Direct vs. Indirect Labor ratio. Please refer attached document for your refere.

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