Program reflection 

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Venicia N. Yance

12 hours ago, at 4:42 AM

Program reflection

I am so excited to be ending my program this week. It was a tough journey, but I am happy we all made it. The foundation of health care management is one of the things that stood out during my master’s in health administration program. Healthcare management calls for a collaborative approach from all the stakeholders, including the patients. Health policy and management is another thing I learned that helped me understand the dynamics of healthcare and how best to eradicate the numerous challenges in healthcare delivery. The knowledge shaped the decisions for the capstone project by looking into matters connecting the different healthcare strategies for a healthy nation. As I complete my program coursework, one of the key takeaways is the need for a plan and coordination in leadership roles for better care delivery. Leaders must know the ever-changing healthcare laws, regulations, and technology. The advancements are effective in the healthcare setting; therefore, a better understanding goes along. Developing core competencies in problem-solving and strategic thinking is another crucial factor in healthcare. It’s a matter of life and death for the patients; therefore, critical decisions must be made on a timely basis. Lastly, becoming an effective leader is a potential ladder to better health care. I wish everyone all the best.


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