Please, this is mental health and Social Work essay paper. I will like to only use my requested writer. I will upload all articles needed for this work( Unit 7 and eight articles as required by the teacher – outside articles related to this subject could be used. But course articles must at least be used in this assignment- I have Uploaded a good number of course articles and course notes). I have also uploaded class notes and course description to give the writer a better understanding of the course. APA format is important. As it’s a social work paper, you can use “I” To personalize the work. Please ask me any questions you may have. I am from Toronto, Ontario. This will help when you are conducting your research based on my community. Instructions : ( All Instructions have been uploaded) Imagine that you have been hired by an agency to provide practical information for the natural caregivers (partners, family, friends) of someone who is suicidal. Your task is to develop an information pamphlet/booklet that will assist these caregivers to recognize suicide risks, understand basic mental health law, and identify services available in their community. If you wish, you may also tailor your information to address a particular at-risk client group (based on age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, culture/ethnicity, etc.). Keep in mind that the caregivers who read this pamphlet will have varying levels of literacy, and will benefit most from a concise, easy-to-read presentation. To prepare for this assignment, you should review the Articles from Units 7 and 8,- and conduct research in your community- ( My community is Toronto, Ontario Canada) (via interviews, web searches, etc.) to determine what services and protocols are in place. In this assignment, you are encouraged to be creative in your presentation format. For example, you might use bullets, pictures, pamphlet format, PowerPoint, or Prezi. What’s important is that you provide clear, easy-to-read information geared toward caregivers which outlines the following information: A review of the common risk factors and warning signs of suicide A basic description of provincial mental health law used to ensure safety A summary of the emergency services and protocols available in your community/city. This should include a brief description of the services provided, internet links, applicable phone numbers, etc.

Provide practical information for the natural caregivers (partners, family, friends) of someone who is suicidal
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