psychological aspects of investment

Final Exam Research and Writing Assignment (Individual):

a) Examine your investment account throughout the course of the semester.  What trends have you seen?

b) Complete a risk tolerance assessment on yourself.  How does this measure up with your portfolio selection? Please discuss and explain your findings.

c) How has your investment mix changed from the beginning of the semester to now?  Discuss your investment mix and your reasoning behind your trades.

d) What theories have you been able to apply to your investment mix this semester?  What was the result?

e) Describe your stock market behavior.

f) What psychological aspects of investment impacted you as an investor?

g) How did your expected returns compare to your actual returns?  What could you have done to hedge against this? If anything.

h) Summarize your investment experience by highlighting your two most valuable lessons learned.

i) All research used to complete this assignment, including any personal interviews, need to be cited using APA citation format.

Students should type out the questions and then answer the questions; this will make it easier to review their work and ensure that all questions are answered fully. You will need to answer each question with detailed explanations and examples.


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