public Budgeting System’s

Read Lee, Johnson, and Joyce’s Public Budgeting System’s, Chapter 2 –The Public Sector in Perspective.

Briefly describe the relative sizes of the private and public sectors in the United States; the historical growth of local, state, and federal governments and the reasons for that growth; and the purposes of government expenditures with the sources of revenue used by these three main levels of government.


Required Textbooks & Supplementary Materials

Lee, Robert D., Johnson, Ronald W., and Philip G. Joyce.  Public Budgeting Systems. 10th Edition. ISBN: 9781284198980.


Your Initial Discussion Posts must be at least 450 words and must use at least one source outside of your textbook.

This is a graduate-level course, so you will also be graded on spelling and grammar. Write professionally, not like a text or tweet. Always proof your work before you hit “submit.”  And make sure that you cite your work and provide a list of references.  Your textbook is considered a reference.


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