public technology

In this case and others like it, I don’t believe that anyone should have an expectation of privacy for personal information while they are using work computers or any public technology.  The employer who owns the devices used by their employees has the right to know what their devices are being used for and should have the right to monitor these devices whether they are on site. It would not be fair to the company if they couldn’t access their devices. I believe that the company that owns the device has free will to go through whatever is on the device and its on the employee to take responsibility for everything that they did on it.

Based on this description and the information about the case provided in the module Resources area:

  • Should employees who utilize their work computers to store or send personal information, or to surf the internet, have an expectation of privacy for personal information, data, and emails generated, accessed, or stored on their work computers? Explain your perspective.

In your response posts to your peers, offer your own perspectives and experience.


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