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My name is Diamond, and I am a natural born leader, but I haven’t had many leader positions in my career as of yet. Although, there is one situation where I was briefly a co-owner of a night lounge. I had a multitude of different responsibilities, most pertaining to marketing, leading meetings, being responsible for certain groups of staff, promoting the business and anything technical. Another thing I was responsible for, with personal security detail, was facilitating admission. I accepted the money at the door for customers to enter so I was in charge of who was to be kept out, who was allowed in based on proper dress code, who paid full price versus who had a different set admission due to VIP status and much more. I took this position amongst my other tasks due to the previous individual in position was being a little less than honest regarding the nightly earnings. With that being an issue for the company, I as an owner took over to fix the issue. I then became someone who had to report to the other owners about nightly earnings and any mishaps even though I knew it was correct. I realized then that in any position, you may have to be or do less than your actual position or job title but that doesn’t take from anything you.

Respond to at least two of your peers. If you gave an example of yourself as a follower, try to respond to someone who gave an example as a leader, and vice versa. Then, take the position of someone on the team in a leader or follower role and discuss the following:

  • Identify your role as either a leader or a follower.
  • Discuss the impact your role would have on the situation and the team.

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