Respond to these discussion post below by offering one or more additional interaction strategies in support of the examples/observations shared or by offering further insight to the thoughts shared about the future of these interactions.

Respond to these discussion post below by offering one or more additional interaction strategies in support of the examples/observations shared or by offering further insight to the thoughts shared about the future of these interactions.

200 words. APA format. 2 intext citation 2 reference each post


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a comprehensive healthcare reform program that was signed into law in the United States in 2010. Its primary goals are to improve access to healthcare, improve treatment quality, and reduce costs. Concerns about the politics and execution of the ACA focus on perceived competing government objectives. Political affiliations substantially impact the healthcare system because of diverse opinions about the impact of local, state, and federal policies on societal well-being (Engel, 2020; Milstead, J. A., & Short, 2019). Politicians must make credible promises to moderate their programs, with elections frequently serving as decision-making procedures for enacting opposing policy perspectives.

Policy divergence and convergence become conceivable in a repeating election framework as politicians attempt to establish credibility and build reputations. If voters and competing parties see significant costs as discouraging deviations from moderate commitments, obtaining some policy variance becomes more achievable (Engel, 2020). Legislators’ re-election directly impacts ACA provisions, particularly health insurance costs for younger persons and adults covered by Medicaid under ACA standards. Legislative decisions motivated by re-election might result in the withdrawing of subsidies and Medicaid funds, resulting in a loss of consumer protection.

Analyzing voters’ perspectives can considerably impact legislative leaders’ decisions to propose or oppose national policies, particularly those affecting Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Voting analyses contribute to the obstacles in leaders’ policy choices, restricting public alternatives and interfering with congressional decisions, particularly those affecting Medicare and Medicaid coverage for adults (Winder, 2019). This interference derives from the difficulties of managing political issues to secure re-election.

In conclusion, the debate highlights the complex interplay between political objectives and healthcare policies, with politicians balancing votes and financial reasons. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a perfect example of a cost-benefit analysis that goes beyond economics and into political capital, demonstrating the varied nature of legislative decision-making in healthcare.


Nursing informations is a signifiant part of nursing care, it helps and aids in workflow, communication and helps ua nurses determine different wants.  We do this all while focusing on the best patient outcome and patient care if first and foremost the goal.  Technology has become a vital part in the field of nursing today compared to when some of us graduated and had paper charts to communicate and care for our patients.  From working in the ER, I know with the most recent update to the EHR which was engineered by the informatics team we have now more precise documentation on the problem the patient is there for at hand and not just a random bunch of charting that didn’t pertain to the complaints they were being seen for.  This has immensely helped the staff with the charting and has cut down on some of us staying late and catching up because there was so much to chart on and some of it was repeated over and over.  When the team does come up with something new for charting they make sure that we are well educated on the need and why it needs to be done this way.

Nursing informatics functional interaction between individuals, teams, patients and different departments guarantees exceptional quality of care and it is across the board performed well.  For example, we just had the team of informatics put into place the need for labeling and cosigning the labeling of high risk medications because of a near miss fatal drug error.  This is being well received through all departments and it is taking getting used to when to have your partner cosign with you and make sure there is no room for error.    A few ways that there can be error is a delay in the communication of inaccurate data and not communicating the critical results of labs in a timely manner, and just plain not communicating amongst the team.  I feel that informatics seem to help us communicate what is to be communicated more effectively and appropriately among the team members and patients overall,  (Grenuk,2019).    In one of healthcare systems that I work in we use the secure chat system which enables us as the healthcare team as a whole to send a secure chat on patient and orders from the provider can also be received from this.  Nurses that have continued their education in the specialized area of informatics help to solve problems and apply telecommunication and prepare healthcare providers for the information area with proper skills and collaboration of the overall team.


Grenuek, J., 2019.  Nursing Informatics Improves Patient Care. Links to an external site.

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. (2021). Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning


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