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Shellye Archambeau [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 2, 3, 6]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, watch the video interview Silicon Valley’s Super-Mentor, Shellye Archambeau, Talks About Her Career and Inspirational New BookLinks to an external site..

CEO, Shellye Archambeau

Shellye Archambeau: Fortune 500 board member, former CEO of MetricStream, advisor and author. Ms. Archambeau is an experienced CEO and Board Director with a track record of accomplishments building brands, high performance teams, and organizations. Ms. Archambeau currently serves on the boards of Verizon [NYSE:VZ], Nordstrom [NYSE: JWN], Roper Technologies [NYSE: ROP], and Okta [NASDAQ: OKTA]. She is also a strategic advisor to Forbes Ignite and to the President of Arizona State University, and serves on the boards of two national nonprofits, Catalyst and Braven.

She is the former CEO of MetricStream, a Silicon Valley-based governance, risk, and compliance software company that enables corporations to improve their business operations through better risk management across the enterprise. Ms. Archambeau built the company into a global market leader with over 1,200 employees serving customers around the world. Under her leadership, MetricStream was recognized for growth and innovation over the years and was named in the top 10 of the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” and named a global leader in GRC by leading independent analyst firms for 9 consecutive years. (Shelly Archambeau, n.d., paras. 1–4)

Watch the video interview and answer the following questions:

  1. In the interview, Archambeau talks about how intentional she was in the steps she took to pave the way for her goal of being a CEO. What goals do you have for your future and what intentional steps have you taken to help you achieve that goal?
  2. It has been said that great things never happen alone. Archambeau shared that looking forward she wants to impact and inspire others and help them to see opportunities. How do you impact and inspire others both at work and in your personal life?
  3. In speaking about technology and how the skill set has changed over the years, Archambeau commented that “as we continue to see the industry of technology innovate and develop, we will continue to see that bar of skill set lowered based on what’s required to be proficient.” How have you seen this play out in the industry you work in, in terms of how technology continues to innovate? Do you find that as technology increases the skill set to operate it lowers?
  4. Rich Karlgaard asked a question about her recently published book that mentioned “unapologetic ambition.” He asks, “What would the learning and investment be in reading this book?” Share what you learned from her answer that you feel would be beneficial.

Guided Response: Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words. Graduate school students learn to assess the perspectives of several scholars. Support your response with at least two scholarly or credible resources in addition to the text. The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible SourcesLinks to an external site. table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. Use at least one outside article on the featured CEO in addition to the provided material.


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