Seeking A Dissertation Writer


I am seeking an experienced Dissertation Writer. Three chapters are written, but needs upgrades and corrections. So, 2 additional chapters need  to be written. There is a Dissertation Template that must be followed precisely, so please contact me if you have real-life experience writing on a Doctoral-level, and actually writing a Doctoral Dissertation.

The Dissertation Questionnaire needs to be corrected, and you will see the Methodologist’s recommendations on the right side of the document, just tap the little bubbles. If you have any questions, please let me know.

The Dissertation Template needs to be corrected also, please take a look at Chapters 1-3, and update the document once you read everything on the document, and become better acquainted with the assignment.

Chapters 4 & 5 are on hold until these 3 chapters are completed, below you will see comments from the Professor Committee, please let me know if you are able to address these items.

Please review the Grading Criterion at the end of each paragraph setting, and it will let you know how many pages/paragraphs are required, and what the Professors are seeking to be written.

This is additional information from the Professor Committee, please let me know if you can assist with this:

  1. Submit the questionnaire (instruments you have developed earlier for approval.)
  2. After approval from the panel, do the field testing (to validate the instruments.
  3. The field test consists of testing the questionnaire on one participant (if you are doing the interview) and one group (if you are doing a focus group also). At this point, you are using 2 sources of data.
  4. One you collect the data on the field test, you will transcribe the data using MAXQDA (review the email I have forwarded to all my learners. You were copied. From there, you will create a code book see instruction in DCNetwork (I have emailed you a sample already).
  5. Once you coded the results, the committee (Dr. Stanley and I) will review the coding and approve it. If it is correctly done, the committee will review the full proposal and make sure ALL the components are addressed before we can send the proposal to AQR2. If the process 2-6 is not completed, you cannot move to the next phase because this is THE INSTRUCTIONS of the MPM.

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