Consider an act or instance of deviance in current events, in the news, or locally.  You’ll write about this instance.

1) In your writing make sure to, at some point, define (or “operationalize”) deviance in your own words USING OUR COURSE TEXTBOOK AS YOUR SOURCE.  (For this excercise, avoid outside definitions)

2) Then, briefly describe a deviant act covered in the news– current or historic (such as an odd disturbance, a crime, protest, etc.).

3) Discuss the norms and any social response to the violation of norms.  Be clear about any social norm(s) the behavior or situation violates? 

Discuss whether a law (a codified norm) was broken? 

Describe any changes is the expected behavior (may be challenge any existing laws)? 

Or, did the act and the response to it reinforce these existing sanctions?



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