In this discussion you are to use your sociological imagination and  “make the familiar strange”. Using the knowledge you have about your  family history (your generation, your parents and grandparents, e.g.)  discuss where you see connections between lived experience and the  changing characteristics of families over time. These might include race  or ethnicity, immigration to the US, social class, education,  occupation, religion, gender roles, childrearing practices, etc. If you  would like to include photos (no more than three) please do.  And, tell us how they express ideas presented in Chapter 12.

Your post should be at least 250 words. After posting please engage  in a discussion with at other classmates by responding to posts in at  least 50 words that engage the reading or other course materials (THIS IS REQUIRED).  Your responses should engage your colleague’s thoughts. Stay focused on  understanding the reading and discussing course concepts. You may  integrate personal experience, but only as part of other verifiable  evidence as it supports your discussion of the readings.

Post an initial 250 word response


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