Stress Management Assignment

Stress Management Assignment


Using the learning materials from this module, develop a presentation on identifying stress and techniques or strategies for managing stress. Practice offering peer review.



As you are keenly aware, managing family life, academic life and work life can be very stressful for students. Imagine you are presenting information to new college students who could be 18-year-old new high school graduates, adult (over 25) students, second degree students (they are changing their career field entirely and are seeking a second degree), or transfer students (transferring to NOVA).

Part One:

1. Using the learning materials provided for the Stress Management topic, create a presentation that includes the following:

· Title (5 points)

· Explanation of stress that includes: definition of stress, examples of symptoms, examples of stressors, and the impact of chronic stress using the learning materials. (20 points)

· Three detailed techniques or strategies for dealing with stress from the learning materials. (15 points)

· All sources used are cited per the citing sources via the Library Resources in the course menu. (5 points)

Citing SourcesThis link opens in a new window

· MLA Citation Style

· APA Citation Style

· Chicago/Turabian Citation Style

· Plagiarism Resources


· Organized and minimal in grammatical errors. (5 points)

This presentation can be in one of the following formats: presentation software such as PowerPoint. Get creative! Include appropriate images, graphs, or charts..

· Refer to this  Stress Management Assignment Example.pdf  Download Stress Management Assignment Example.pdf as a guide for completing this assignment.


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