1. Equal Pay Discrimination or Lack of Negotiation Skills and Depiction of Women in Magazines” Please respond to the following: Based on the first case study, give your opinion as to whether this case study represents an example of an individual lacking negotiation skills or a case of discrimination. Next, speculate on three (3) methods Caroline could utilize to better present herself during her meeting with Mr. Kuehn. Justify your response. 250 words.
  2. Review the advertisements in several women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan (http://www.cosmopolitan.com), Elle (http://www.elle.com), or Vogue (http://www.vogue.com). Note: While reviewing these advertisements focus on the depiction of women within the advertisements. Next, evaluate the significance of two to three (2-3) aspects related to the manner in which magazine advertisements depict women. Next, suggest two (2) ways these images reinforce different stereotypes about women then propose two (2) methods for changing society’s depiction of women to avoid these stereotypes. Provide support for your response. 250 words.
  3. Suggest three (3) ways that diversity can increase the number of opportunities for women in leadership. Next, analyze the significance of three (3) key aspects of the relationship between diversity and business profitability. Support your rationale with two (2) examples of said relationship. 250 words.
  4. Read the document “Feedback Report Prepared for 360 By Design Sample A,” located in the online course shell. You may also view the document at http://www.ccl.org/leadership/pdf/assessments/360BDsamplefeedback.pdf. Next, generate a critical analysis that includes at least three (3) leadership competencies used in the assessment. Using your analysis, judge whether these competencies are either gender neutral or biased toward a masculine style of management. Provide a rationale for your response. 250 words.
  5. “Manager and Leader” Compare and contrast the most significant characteristics that an effective manager and leader must possess. Suggest two (2) ways that one can be an effective manager without being an effective leader and vice versa. Justify your response. 250 words.

6. Assuming you have had both male and female managers, evaluate the impact of three (3) similarities and three (3) differences in their management styles. If you have not had both male and female managers, speculate on possible major differences in their management styles based on what you have learned so far in this course. Next, select the two (2) management styles that you believe are the most important for managers to utilize. Justify your response. 250 words

Suggest three (3) ways that diversity can increase the number of opportunities for women in leadership
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