Summary Questionnaire

In this assignment, each student will analyze his or her individual contributions to all discussion forums and learning activities from the previous weeks. Go back and review your individual earlier postings and the responses to them. Report your findings in a thematic way. The following are suggested questions for you to consider in your review of your postings:

  • What do you usually write about in your posts?
  • Are there broad themes or specific issues that keep appearing in your writing?
  • Has the nature of your posts changed over the quarter?
  • What surprised you as you reread your work?
  • What ideas or threads in your posts do you see as worth revisiting?
  • How do you feel you’ve contributed to the online learning community through the discussion board?
  • What else do you notice?
  • What aspects of the weekly discussion do you value most, and how does it show up in your posts? After you reflect on your previous work and these questions, summarize your findings in a thematic way in a five-paragraph posting. Complete Worksheet 10.1. Post the summary of your grant proposal.
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