Supply Chain

Please read what my professor said about the rough draft.


Overall Feedback Secenea,

Please see my comments in your paper

Max page count cover to cover is 25 pages. You will have to reduce it

Literature review in assignment 3 I gave the following instructions

Your paper has me spinning a little. In Forum week 2 I have a direct post which includes an example of a near perfect lit review. I recommend that you review it and then use it as a template to correct your submission

You did not make corrections to your literature review prior to inserting into this assignment . You do have some material in your lit review section that I commented upon which will help you with your edit of your lit review section

The paper has a required format. Your paper is loosely in the required format.

Please look at the announcement titled “How week 6 paper will be graded”. IT has a description of the required format

Ultimate in the paper’s format is a discussion of ideas section. In that section you are giving the reader 4-6 reasons why they should agree with your thesis statement.

My recommendation is that you have great material that is not presented to make your paper easy to follow. To improve your out come do the following

1. Get total page count under 25 pages

2. Clearly state your thesis statement and research question. They are linked. You shuld have one sentence thesis statement and one research question

a. If you have to explain your thesis statement it is not a clear statement


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