Sustainable healthcare systems

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Dr. Doria Chege

Hi Esther and Class,

That is a great definition of sustainability, and I appreciate your examples of how you can see your organization saving on energy. These are important sustainability measures for any healthcare organization to participate in.

Sustainable healthcare must be able hin a very complex system and meet the demands community’s demands little waste as possible. While working to meet present needs without compromising future generations’ needs, our concern needs to include how resources are maintained as well as utilized.

Sustainable healthcare systems, therefore, need to be vigilant in understanding the “big picture” and interconnecting activities of services so that attention is given to travel, energy, water, infrastructure, and buildings to ensure that they are used responsibly and efficiently. There is also the aspect of adapting to new ways of care delivery, prevention strategies, and corporate social responsibilities.


Can you think of any ways that delivery of care is being altered to reduce waste while still maintaining quality care?

9/16/23, 8:36 AM


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