TECA 1318: Healthy Recipe Presentation


Create or find a healthy snack recipe

  • Choose which age group your snack is for:
    • Toddlers, Preschool, Grades K-1 or Grade 2-3
  • Your recipe should have a main ingredient group from My Plate. https://www.myplate.gov/eat-healthy/what-is-myplateLinks to an external site. (grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy)
  • Create a Power Point for the age group chosen that is 8-10 slides in length and uses age-appropriate language, length of text on slides meets best-practice standards and uses age-appropriate images and photos that are engaging and effectively teaches children health, safety and nutrition. (Standard 6c).
    • Included photos, documenting the step by step process of making the recipe and how to practice or ensure health and safety tips
    • Use one or more photos or images on the ingredients’ slide(s)
  • Think healthy!  Choose snacks with ingredients that are healthy. Do not include unhealthy items (that are predominantly made of  sugar or high in saturated fat) or nuts (due to allergy issues) Explain how the ingredients are healthy and how these healthy ingredients impact children’s development
    • There are many alternatives out there- if you find a recipe that includes chocolate or something unhealthy- be creative!  Use a healthy alternative!  Points are deducted if the snack is not healthy.
    • Do not choose a snack that includes any type of nuts, including peanuts or peanut butter due to allergies
  • The first slide of your presentation will include your name, the recipe name, and the age group
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the content knowledge and resources in the academic disciplines of science, health, and safety (Standard 5a) by including the following in your presentation:
    • Include one safety tip that is relevant to the recipe (for example: safety in cutting food or using skewers or toothpicks; how to avoid choking hazards)
    • Include information or a slide that includes how you kept the preparation area healthy to prepare food (for example: clean surfaces or clean hands) and explained the science behind why this is important.
    • Explain how your recipe is nutritious and how these healthy ingredients impact children’s development. (for example: Does your recipe include carrots?  How are carrots nutritious?  How are they beneficial?)

Make the recipe and take photos to show the steps.

  • Through understanding positive relationships and supportive interactions as the foundation of your work with young children, make the recipe with a young child and include photos of the experience (the child’s face does not need to be in the photos.) (Standard 4a). (Photo release form attached)
  • In your Power Point, include photos, documenting step by step the process of making the recipe and shows how to practice or ensure health and safety tips
  • Use one or more photos or images on the ingredients’ slide(s)
  • attachment


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