the communication process

Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways:

  • Compare your personal areas of most/least apprehension with those of your colleague, including at least one communication tip or technique you have personally implemented that may be helpful to them.
  • Find and share two specific suggestions, from appropriate professional/academic resources, that may be helpful to your colleague in reducing an area of high apprehension.
  • Share a specific personal communication experience, including insights gained and lessons learned, that may be helpful to your colleague.
  • Provide an insight on how a richer understanding of the communication process and its elements, as outlined in this week’s Learning Resources, can help your colleague build their confidence as a communicator.

Important Note About Discussion Rubrics: In the peer-to-peer engagement section of the Discussion, the focus of your posts and responses should be to promote quality interaction with your colleagues and Instructor, to further the dialogue on the particular topic, to deepen your mutual understanding of concepts, and to draw out new ideas. Although you are encouraged to provide support for ideas you bring in from other sources, which is appropriate for discourse within a master’s-level classroom, emphasis is placed on the quality of the engagement as noted in the Discussion rubrics, with 40% of your score based on your level of engagement in the ongoing conversation with your colleagues.

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