the discussion sheets

Should you spy oh Your Kids? Wingfield, Nick

Follow these steps to submit your discussion:
    1    Review the rubric for how your discussion will be scored.
    2    Review the discussion 1 discussion Sheet for the discussion prompt and requirements.
    3    Read over any feedback you have gotten on your discussion, including peer feedback.
    4    Revise and finalize your discussion. Your discussion should be:
    a    At least 5 paragraphs (1 Introduction, 3+ Body, and 1 Conclusion).
    b    At least 700 words
    c    Typed in Microsoft Word (Get a FREE version of MS Word (
    d    MLA-formatted with double spacing, clear paragraph divisions, and MLA c
Look over your discussion one more time to make sure you are meeting the criteria listed in the discussion sheet.
Save your Word file with your name in the file title to a location you can easily access (perhaps your OneDrive account).
Submit your Word file to this assignment folder by the due date.

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