the Information Systems Strategy



Read the Case Study 3-2, The FBI. Answer the following questions:

 What do you think were the real reasons why the VCF system failed?

 What were the points of alignment and misalignment between the Information Systems Strategy and the FBI organization?

 What do you think of the CIO’s final comment about how to change attitudes? Do you think it will work? Why or why not?

 If you were the CIO, what would you do to help the FBI modernize and make better use of information technology


Your answers are expected to be in meaningful paragraphs composed of well-formatted sentences with appropriate flow.  Bulleted or numbered lists will not be accepted.  Be sure to restate the question in your answers to make sure you cover all of the material requested. Make sure you complete the student feedback section as well.[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Dc03]!/4/2/20/4/10/6/6[c03-ex-0006]/1:36[%20Ub%2Cer‘]


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Student response:

1. Do you feel comfortable with the concepts of the question? If not, how can I help you understand it better?

2. Does the content of the question relate well to the area of the text you are studying this week?

3. Write a short essay question which could appear on an exam that covers this concept. Think of another way to ask this question.


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