the mission statement.

In this assignment,

I. Describe your hypothetical nonprofit.

a) State the name.

b) Identify the type of nonprofit it is and why you are categorizing it as such.

c) Create a mission statement for the nonprofit.

d) Discuss what your nonprofit does to satisfy the mission statement.

II. Develop a fundraising or philanthropy plan.

a) Include one goal, two objectives to meet the goal, and two strategies that your nonprofit will do to meet the objective in your plan.

§ Be sure to keep in mind the scope, timeline, and purpose of your fundraising and philanthropy goals.

b) Explain how your plan supports fundraising or philanthropy.

§ Be sure to distinguish between fundraising and philanthropy.

c) Create an email to those overseeing the volunteer workers who are helping with the fundraising and philanthropy efforts of your nonprofit. This email should include the following:

§ motivation strategies

§ your preferred management theory and how the management theory can be used

§ at least two challenges you might foresee

§ suggestions for overcoming these challenges

The Philanthropy Goals and Volunteer Management assignment

· Must be five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style


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