the socio-economics

Below is a list of long-term projects by several prominent photographers.
Some of the projects listed below are completed; some are still ongoing.
Elinor Carucci – Closer
Myra Greene – My White Friends
Abelardo Morell –Tent Camera
Jason Lazarus – Too Hard To Keep
Deana Lawson – Portraits
Michael Wolf – Tokyo Compression
Taryn Simon – The Innocents
Alec Soth – Sleeping By The Mississippi
Lisa Lindvay* – Hold Together
Doug Rickard – A New American Picture
Susan Meiselas – Carnival Strippers
David Schalliol* – CHA’s Plan For
LaToya Ruby Fraizer – The Notion of Family
Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Sills
Please look up these projects and take some time to digest the work. After you’ve done that, pick two
projects from the list that are very different from one another to write about.
The first goal of this assignment is to expose you to work that you probably haven’t seen before. The next step is to get you to respond to and identify with some of the work listed below. I want you to be able to recognize different genres of photographic work as well as identify key differences and similarities between multiple bodies of photographic work. You will be writing about some work that is more straightforward and traditional and also work that is much more conceptual and experimental.

This assignment will be no less than five pages, and no more than six pages long, not including the pages necessary for citations. This assignment counts toward the critical writing requirement set forth by the university for the Arts and Literature Domain credit.
Please use MLA style formatting for this asssignment and make sure you cite any and all articles and books.
In a long form assignment please compare and contrast two dynamically different long-term projects from the above list.
While it is important and necessary to research and cite sources for this assignment, I will be looking for this assignment
written in your own voice. Your insights, opinions, observations and criticisms are the most important
element in the successful writing of this assignment.
Your assignment should touch upon and include personal insight and information about the following:
Provide a very brief summary of each project that you chose. Include insight into the background of the
project and your personal understanding of it.

Discuss why you chose the person that you did to write about and what personal (internal or external)
interests drove that decision and attracted you to the work? What resonates the most with you about the
i.e. Formal, conceptual, visual, social, political, artistic, etc. aspects that informed your choices.
How is medium of photography used in each project? How why and do you feel it is used successfully? Is
there a different approach that you would personally?
i.e. Objective, Subjective, Documentation, Experimental, etc.
What roles do the photographers play in their bodies of work and do they do it well?
Please explain why and how.
i.e. A distant observer, an active participant, an organizer/curator, the key subject, etc.
Research and discuss the socio-economic conditions of the time, place and subjects of the photographs.
How do you feel it comes into play in the overall impact of the work and how it is executed and presented?
Discuss the major differences that you feel between the two bodies of work.
i.e. narrative differences, genre differences, conceptual differences, formal differences, etc.
What aspects of the bodies of work line up and compare the most. Where are you making the connections
between the two and are you surprised that they line up that way?
With a critical eye, of the two projects do you feel is stronger overall? What are the elements that come into
play that inform this decision? At what point/s in the work do you want more? Are there moments in the work
that you feel are overdone and far too literal? Do you feel the work is presented in the correct context, how
and why? If the work is presented in the wrong context, please present some ideas on how that could be
Use this criticism to round out your assignment and to draw a conclusion that supports your observations
throughout the assignment



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